Glamour and Murder, Mayhem and Fame!

MERC comics presents a brand new comics universe, filled with anti-heroes that are the best at being the worst. The Spartans, an organization stretching back millenia, control a private international army with power and resources that are truly out of this world. In an effort by world leaders to maintain the balance of power, they’d be willing to turn a blind eye to the questionable nature of The Spartans, and the mercs within their ranks, in exchange for their mandatory involvement in peacekeeping missions when the fate of the world is at stake.

MERC comics seamlessly blends action and comedy, as well as sugar and spice, to reward our readers with fun, bold stories. We already have three series, Miss Meow, Deathrage and Born of Blood, that have taken the crowdfunding world by storm. Now MERC comics are coming to your local comic shop! Order a copy of each of our issues, and be with us from the beginning as the story builds! You can choose from a number of variant covers,
featuring work from some of your favorite artists!