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2023 Born of Blood - Virgin Connecting Set - Alé Garza

$29.99 $49.99

Born of Blood Connecting Cover Set

  • Comes with Born of Blood #4 and #5 virgin covers

  • Covers by Alé Garza

  • Comes with FREE Cover C Trade Variants!

  • Guaranteed 9.4 - 9.8

  • Shipping begins 02/28/23

(W) Dolan (A) Aurelio Mazzara (CA) Alé Garza
After being betrayed by their closest confidante, Giaris and Leonidas have to duck and hide around their own people as they try to piece the clues together and discover what has happened to Sparta. Unfortunately for our champions, the hunt for them is intensifying. How long can Giaris and Leonidas stay in the shadows before they’re forced to fight against Sparta?